Arcold is one of the major cities of the Natural World. Arcold has a greater focus on education and the arts, as opposed to Ironshield’s focus on military strength. Because of this, Arcold has very nice architechture. Arcold has a very high population of Eladrin and Humans, with some of just about every other race. Arcold is currently sheltering the Elves that escaped the Feywild.

Arcold was one of the first cities founded in the Natural World. It was founded by an Eladrin priest of Erathis. Over time, the city grew and became the center of the arts that it is today.

Arcold has a monarchy, with Randus Heinsoo as its current King. There is no current Queen. Eliza Heinsoo is Randus’s only child.

Foreign Relations
Arcold is on good terms with almost every other major city on the Natural World. Arcold is currently in an alliance with Fallcrest and Elia. Arcold has always had bad relations with Ironshield, and they are currently at war with them. Arcold is also on especially good relations with Gallathar and the other Elven cities.

The Palace
Lantherval’s Antequities


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