Ironshield is one of the major cities of the Natural World. Ironshield has the largest military in the plane, causing the other major cities to make alliances while leaving Ironshield to itself. Ironshield has a largely Dwarven population, with some Dragonborn and some Humans. Eladrin are widely discriminated against, due to the city’s bad standing with Arcold.

Ironshield is one of the newer cities in the Natural World, although it is still very old. It was founded as a haven for Dwarves that weren’t comfortable living in Arcold. In order to establish themselves as a powerful nation, they made their military as powerful as it could be. The military eventually took control of the government.

Ironshield has a military dictatorship. The dictator, Dolmen Garkalan, is also in charge of the military and remains in power by military might.

Foreign Relations
Ironshield has notoriously bad relations with every other city. Ironshield’s military growth keeps all other nations wary. This coupled with Ironshield’s aggressive attitude leads other cities to keep their distance. Currently, Ironshield is at war with Arcold, Fallcrest, and Elia.

Important Locations
Resistance Base


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